Jun 19 – 23, 2023
ETH Zürich
Europe/Zurich timezone



Zoltan Bajnok Mon 9:30-10:10
OPE coefficients and the mass-gap from the integrable scattering description of 2D CFT’s slides video
Riccardo Borsato Wed 9:30-10:10
Integrability of Jordanian deformations slides video
Frank Coronado Mon 16:30-17:10
Determinants in self-dual N=4 SYM and twistor space slides video
Marius De Leeuw Tue 09:30-10:10
Open quantum systems and a range 3 deformation of the Hubbard model slides video
Daniele Dorigoni Tue 14:40-15:20
Exact integrated correlators in N=4 super-Yang-Mills slides video
Simon Ekhammar Mon 11:20-12:00
Heating up the AdS4 Quantum Spectral Curve slides video
Christian Ferko Thu 09:30-10:10
Root-TT Deformations slides video
Gwenaël Ferrando Tue 15:50-16:30
A large twist limit for any operator in N=4 SYM slides video
Linnea Grans-Samuelsson Thu 14:00-14:40
Topological CFT defects on the lattice slides video
Timothy Hollowood Wed 11:20-12:00
Replica wormholes and Liouville Theory slides video
Alexandre Homrich Mon 14:40-15:20
Structure Constants in N=4 SYM and Separation of Variables slides video
Gleb Kotousov Tue 11:20-12:00
Scaling behaviour of spin chains related to the inhomogeneous 6V model slides video
Charlotte Kristjansen Mon 10:10-10:50
Integrable Monopoles slides video
Jules Lamers Mon 15:50-16:30
The q-deformed Inozemtsev spin chain slides video
Nat Levine Thu 11:20-12:00
Bootstrapping bulk locality slides video
Horatiu Nastase Mon 14:00-14:40
TTbar deformations and the pp wave correspondence slides video
Georgios Papathanasiou Thu 15:50-16:30
Finite-coupling multi-gluon scattering at clusters of origin limits slides video
Giulia Peveri Tue 14:00-14:40
Multipoint Correlators on the Wilson line defect CFT slides video
Evgeny Sobko Thu 10:10-10:50
The R-mAtrIx Net slides video
Arkady Tseytlin Thu 16:30-17:10
Wilson Loop at large N and quantum M2-brane slides video
Stijn van Tongeren Wed 10:10-10:50
Integrable deformations of SYM slides video
Robert Weston Thu 14:40-15:20
Q-operators for open quantum spin chains slides video
Masahito Yamazaki Tue 16:30-17:10
Discretization of Integrable Quantum Field Theories from 4d Chern-Simons Theory slides video
Konstantinos Zoubos Tue 10:10-10:50
Spin chains and quantum symmetries in N=2 SCFT slides video


P01 Mikhail Alfimov On loop corrections to integrable 2D sigma model backgrounds poster Online
P02 Niklas Beisert CO₂ Emissions from Theoretical Physics Research? poster results instructions On-site
P03 Davide Bonomi Analytic bootstrap for the localized magnetic field poster On-site
P04 Nicolò Brizio Regge trajectories in ABJM theory & Quantum Spectral Curve poster teaser On-site
P05 Ilija Buric Spherical weight-shifting algebra poster On-site
P06 Adrita Chakraborty Flux deformed Neumann-Rosochatius integrable model for strings in different near horizon brane geometries poster teaser On-site
P07 Kunal Gupta Spectral Curves from Inverse Scattering poster Online
P08 Jue Hou Spin-s Rational Q-system poster Online
P09 Egor Im Classical Affine Bialgebras for AdS/CFT Integrability poster On-site
P10 Moritz Kade Inversion relations in integrable QFTs poster teaser On-site
P11 Martin Lagares The cusp anomalous dimension of ABJM from a TBA approach poster teaser On-site
P12 Deeshani Mitra An Analogue Spinning Black Hole poster teaser Online
P13 Chiara Paletta The Hubbard model and beyond poster On-site
P14 Anton Pribytok Ground state energy and TBA of the twisted AdS₃ × S³ × T⁴ superstring poster On-site
P15 Nika Sokolova QSC Solver for Excited States poster teaser On-site
P16 Jake Stedman Dualities Amongst AN-1 Class-S Argyres-Douglas Theories poster On-site
P17 Ryo Suzuki Tensionless limit of AdS₃/CFT₂ from integrability poster teaser Online
P18 Charles Thull The ABJM Hagedorn temperature poster On-site
P19 Istvan Vona Full analytic trans-series of integrable quantum field theories poster On-site