Jun 19 – 23, 2023
ETH Zürich
Europe/Zurich timezone

Hybrid setup

This page is meant as an introduction to the hybrid layout of the conference and explains the procedures which we hope will lead to a seamless hybrid experience. All the access links and information on how to connect to the various online activities are sent to the participants by email.

- We will be using a conference computer system consisting of
a.) the presentation facilities at the main lecture hall
b.) Discussion hubs 1 and 2 located in the main lecture hall and
c.) a Chat hub in the coffee area.
Depending on the use scenario, they will be put into different modes and will be assigned different Zoom rooms/breakout rooms/chat functionality.

- There is one master Zoom session all online speakers, online participants and poster presenters should connect to.

- Talks (onsite and remote) will be presented in the main Zoom room. After each block of talks, the respective speakers will be available at the discussion hubs. These hubs will be reachable as breakout rooms "Discussion 1" and "Discussion 2" for online participants.

- During the coffee breaks, we invite remote participants to join SpatialChat: this is a website mimicking the typical walk-around / join chat conversation pattern for conference breaks. In particular, it allows you to have discussions with the group of participants closest to you in this virtual space. The Chat hub in the coffee room will be participating to SpatialChat, making a direct liaison with onsite participants. Beyond that, everybody is invited to join using their own computer or mobile device. This service operates directly in the browser (Firefox for phones has some difficulties to connect to devices, trying again or switching to Chrome may help) and can be reached without needing an account/login.

- A Slack forum, with the goal of collecting scientific questions, answers and references in more depth, will be reachable during the whole week of the conference.

- During the onsite poster session on Tuesday 17:30-18:30, the online poster presenters will have the opportunity to discuss with onsite participants as well during dedicated Zoom subsessions, connected to the Discussion hubs 1 and 2 as well as the Chat hub. For each subsession, a printed version of the poster will be placed beside the corresponding hub, to facilitate the discussions.

- In addition, there will be two online poster sessions on Tuesday 18:40-19:00 and Wednesday 09:00-09:20, aimed for online participants in different time zones. During these sessions, each poster presenter will be assigned a Zoom breakout room and will be able to discuss and answer questions about their poster with online participants. The breakout rooms will be labelled according to the number in the list of posters available on the webpage.

- The slides and recordings of the talks as well as the posters will be uploaded on an online folder throughout the conference and will be accessible by all participants (onsite and remote). After the conference, this material will be made public on the website, subject to the author's agreement.

- When connecting to a Zoom session or joining a breakout room, we invite you, if you wish, to switch on your camera so that everybody can see who joined. Note that the Zoom gallery of online participants will be shown in the Lecture Hall during all onsite talks and reciprocally a frontal view of the auditorium will be broadcasted to remote participants. Please mute yourself in general. When you want to ask a question during one of the talks, please raise your hand using Zooms “raise hand” function. During the poster sessions, you can of course as well unmute yourself and speak up. Onsite participants should please always use the microphones in the room in order to make questions understandable to the remote audience. If you wish to join the Zoom room from the Lecture Hall, please make sure to completely disconnect the audio ("leave computer audio") to avoid any interference and feedback.