Sep 4 – 8, 2023
UTC timezone

*The calculation of Feynman integrals for scattering amplitudes has been a mathematical challenge throughout the last decades. While framing and formalizing calculations in terms of polylogarithms brought a huge structural simplification, it was the advent of elliptic integrals, which settled several longstanding problems originating in complex and involved scattering events. Accordingly, in the last years the elliptic languages used in mathematics and particle physics languages started to converge and led to what is now a rather solid understanding of the role and virtues of elliptic integrals within high-energy physics.

Elliptic integrals make an appearance not only in collider physics, but are the main players in current endavours in string theory and pure mathematics. Triggered by the approach in those fields, questions about the nature of hyperelliptic and higher objects and integrals arise. Simultaneously it is still a long stretch from the structural understanding of elliptic integrals to constructing actual representations for the evaluation of certain classes of elliptic Feynman integrals.

The aim of the topical workshop is to bring together particle physicists, string theorists and mathematicians working on elliptic and higher functions, with the goal of providing a framework for fruitful discussions bridging between different languages and approaches in physics and mathematics.