Feb 21 – 23, 2024
ETH Zurich
UTC timezone

We are happy to announce the first edition of "Galaxies meet QCD" that will be held at ETH Zurich.

Perturbative techniques in LSS have recently become the new standard for data analysis, and with the incoming wealth of data over the next few years, it seems like a great time to push forward the computational program and theory frontiers.


The focus of the workshop is on computational techniques (mostly analytical, but possibly numerical) for cosmological large-scale structure. We anticipate lively discussions on how to leverage some of the expertise from the QCD, amplitudes, and related communities for computing observables (especially higher n-point functions and higher loops) in LSS.  



- Matthew Lewandowski (mlewandowski@phys.ethz.ch)

- Pierre Zhang (pizhang@phys.ethz.ch)

Local support:

- Stefanie Matosevic (smatosevic@phys.ethz.ch) 

ETH Zurich
Application for this event is currently open.